Sandy Collins
Who she is...

Sandy Collins is a new face in the pop music world.  Her
sound is a blend of pop,rock, and jazz centered around
emotionally charged melodies and lyrics.  Her piano playing is
intense and technically masterful and is the solid basis for all
her compositions.

Classically trained from the age of four, Sandy spent much of
her life studying the masters like Bach, Beethoven, and
Rachmaninov before deciding to return to her true passion,
writing music.  After her father's death in August 2001--and
the subsequent events of September 11th--Sandy came to the
realization that she had her own songs and experiences to
share...and she began to write her upcoming CD, "Tribute".  

After nearly four years of work on this recording, Sandy's
music will soon be available to the public.  Keep checking
back for more information and samples from her debut title...
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